A downloadable mic-driven game for Windows and macOS

A game that you control with your voice! Sing the notes the stars play, and you will travel to them. Requires a microphone and the ability to sing back notes you hear. Headphones recommended. PLEASE read the included text file for installation instructions!


Elliott Davis : @moletotem : https://kenruze.itch.io/

Blas Ingiulla: @xeoneid (I also organize the Argentina Train Jam)

Evan Balster: @EvanBaster (I make imitone)

Emily Meo: @EmilyEMeo (Check out my portfolio site!)


penelope_mac.zip 36 MB
penelope_windows.zip 44 MB


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I setup the game following the instructions on WIndows, but I'm still not sure how to play... I installed LoopMIDI and added a port "OZONE", increased my Mic volume, but still unsure whether I should play with my voice or by pressing the button indicated in Odysseus/Ozone. Only the keyboard keys seem to affect the boat's trajectory, by showing colored effects. I managed to go past 3-4 bubbles by playing with colors, then got lost and respawned.

After reading the instructions I had the impression I would hear particular sounds related to colors and would have to reproduce them with either the keyboard or my voice with the correct pitch, but I always hear the same BGM... Only space will trigger an echo, but the sound doesn't change based on the color sphere I am in.

This game seems to have a hidden potential in terms of controls, but I can't unleash it... Do you have extra instructions somewhere?